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Great article list about DON’T’s that I’ve seen too many times in my career with website, especially churches. Click the link afterward to read the expanded comments.

It’s no secret that church websites are among the most derided and lampooned in the web design community. Churches make many mistakes, including even simple ones like failing to list location and service times in a prominent place.
Here are three big mistakes that make church websites look like an unkempt pawn shop, a junkyard, or just a dirty, messy house:

1. Including Everything But The Kitchen Sink On The Home Page

And I mean everything. I’ve seen church websites that include a widget weather report on the home page.

#2 Flash Intros

In 2012, I can’t think of any reason why any website would want to have a Flash intro.

#3 Misleading Information
I’ve written before about coherence, which is or should be the essence of branding. Coherence is simply truth-telling.

I liked this list as it has so much truth to it. The worst is the last, though I just hate to see an ugly website.

Would you let us fix yours?

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