Search Engine Optimization

Using WordPress makes SEO easy. Title tags and meta descriptions are as simple as doing the work to fill out the fields after the initial research to see how you are getting searched for. But there is more to it as things get more competitive. We install the best SEO plugins and optimize your site by setting up the plugins and doing the keyword research to optimize each page.

See below the details of our SEO services:

Keyword Research

Keyword research is where WordPress SEO strategies begin. Discovery of the latest terms and phrases that people use on a daily basis to research information and buy products online. We’ll ask you questions about your audience, business objectives, to discover keywords that your potential customers will use to find your website.

SEO Audits

A SEO audit tells how a client’s site is currently performing, and of course, how it can be improved. We can make recommendations from the audit to devise a strategy to improve getting your website better ranked. We’ll install Analytics and see what is happening before we start.

Google Analytics

here’s a lot of talk about measuring your sites performance. This is easy to do as we install right on the Dashboard your current Google Analytics stats. You’ll see how visitors are getting to your site and what content they are viewing and how long they are there. We do this after we optimize your site.

On-Page Optimization

Because it’s the first place search engines examine when assigning rank, we write the best title tags, Meta descriptions, content and images for each page. These elements work together to boost user experience and make the your website more appealing and relevant to the audience.

Content Creation

We will create unique quality content for your site. Our copywriters are well-versed in the latest release of Google’s algorithm and understands that good content matters.


Google places high importance on content, but more on who is producing it. Google Authorship verifies your content being generated by a real person, not a bot or other aggregator. We set up a Google Plus business page and profile for you to get that verification and show Google there is a real person not black hat SEO behind the site.

Specific SEO Services From Louisville, KY

Need a something more simple done like set up a newsletter? Or need to make your site faster?

We’ll tweak what you need or give some of our time to consult to get you in the right direction for your sites health and Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

SEO Services and Website Tweaks

Sometimes simple tweaks to your website is all you need. We offer such seo services. If you just have some questions about SEO or need an email newsletter form on your site to increase conversions, we can help. There are no contracts and once you purchase we get started and complete within 3 – 5 business days.

  • SEO Talk
    $99Get Answers (30 minutes)
    • Ask Any SEO Question
    • Free Suggestions To Improve
    • Blogging Consultation

  • Mailchimp
    $159Add A Mailchimp Form
    • Set Up Of A Mailchimp Account
    • Style Form To Match Site Design
    • Position The Form
    • Create The Mailing List
    • Autoresponder Message

  • Email List
    $179Grow Your Email Subscriber List
    • Set Up Of A Mailchimp Account
    • Email Subscription Bar
    • Email Popups
    • Email Sign Up On Posts

  • Speed
    $189Give your website a boost
    • Optimize Images (up to 10)
    • Leverage Browser Caching
    • Enable gzip compression
    • Minify CSS
    • WordPress & Plugin Updates
    • Minify JS
    • Remove Broken Webpages
    • Install Server Side Caching

  • SEO Audit
    $249increase website traffic
    • Full Crawl Of Your Website
    • Suggested Plugins and Tools
    • Google Authorship Setup
    • Google Analytics Account Setup
    • Google Plus Business Page Setup
    • Google Plus Person Profile Setup
    • Google Webmaster Tools Setup
    • Site Verification
    • Install Sitemaps
    • Alexa Account Setup
    • Find Out When You Should Post