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Well we all gave a cheer to the downfall of SOPA and the attempt to control the internet and attack the users and companies that provide the content, but it did’t take long long for the rats to come up with another one that is not any better, in fact worse.

Meet CISPA (Cyber Intelligence Sharing & Protection Act).

We don’t like to get political on here. But since we make a living on the internet, we feel we should raise awareness of how you the user might not have the freedoms you once had as another piece of legislation is now up for vote and this time attacks your 4th amendment rights.

Meet SOPAs Evil Twin CISPA Louisville Web DesignWhere once companies like, , and were in a uproar and supporting the death of SOPA, now it’s not the case. Even Mark Zuckerberg Tweeted about SOPA. Now I can’t say that these companies will lift a finger since this one works for them and totally against you, even if you are suspected of wrong doing your information is shared. You can read what the rich guys are saying, and the bill, HERE.

Welcome to 21st century style witch hunting. You can find quotes from Fortune 500 CEO’s who are endorsing the bill here. You can also write a letter to your local representative to protest CISPA here.

Check-out this Infographic by Lumin to get the full picture:

Meet SOPAs Evil Twin CISPA Louisville Web Design

Infographic designed by Lumin Consulting

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