SEO is what helps get a website found.

To a search engine, relevance is more than just finding a page with the words you were searching for.

We’ll consult to get you in the right direction for your sites health and Search Engine Optimization.

Here's what's included

Keyword & Content Research

Well-crafted, relevant content boosts to your efforts to get searched more and creates a strong foundation for and email marketing.

Sitemap and Internal Linking

The best websites are the ones that are easy to navigate and have pages that are linked properly. Search engines love crawling pages that make sense and are not randomly tied together.

Image optimization

Search engines cannot see images, but they can see alt tags and meta data associated with them as well as the file name. We will optimize these for your sites performance.

Google Site Verification

Verifying your site with the search engines is important to prove reliability. Registering with a webmaster tools account and analytics are a must.

On-page Optimization

Content is king, but SEO friendly content is better. All your pages are touched to make sure the search engines do not find conflicting content and duplicate content.

Content Quality & Research

Well written content that is easy to read is better for ranking and for your visitors. Having clean content is must and making sure your content is what readers want.