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All this talk about “User Experience (UX)” and “Emotionally Intelligent Design” are the buzz in the marketing and business world when it comes to web and development. For a designer it’s more buzz words, we just design websites that are ascetically pleasing and functional, UX is already and always been consider before the terms were coined.

So, UX is any photography, coding, graphics, , information and design. Basically, UX is literally everything related to the website you buy! So if someone is pushing the term, it’s to close a sale. A UX Designer is a website designer. So a client should always be aware of the looks of the product, not just the users experience. They’re both related anyway.

But customers aren’t familiar with those terms, and after hearing them I’m sure they’ll think and believe that you know your stuff, but a lot of times is it necessary to design like this? The key is to always think about how your users will perform, and does the site look good or like a crayon box exploded on the page.

You should attempt to make your site visitors task as easy as possible, save their precious time, and try to achieve the most important goal you have: engage them!

Most just want to find what they came to you looking for, a service, and your site should look good while their looking around. Ever buy a ugly car from a car dealer? Or a car from a car dealer that has a awful presentation?

Every client should want to improve their business and getting a website will do that. I won’t bother filling this post as to why, you’re a business owner so it’s a no brainer. You’re loyal to websites you visit for a reason. The emotional response you get when there, whether it’s a news site or a site.

What Is User Experience? Louisville Web Design

Why do you visit a website for a church, plumber, car rental agency, or even a clothing store?

To buy something or enter into commerce or conversation. Ah, free enterprise, and social experiences, it’s a beautiful thing.

What sounds better for a button (web design term is ‘call to action’)? “Next”? Or, “Let’s Get Started”?

Here’s some examples:

What Is User Experience? Louisville Web Design

The boring and usual “Next” button is replaced with something more personal. Here’s one that I like, it adds a little humor to the ‘ol “Send” button we’ve all seen:

What Is User Experience? Louisville Web Design

That’s user experience and emotionally intelligent design. You’re emotionally engaged with the site you are on due to the friendliness and the personality given to the website.

I know, personality on a website? It’s worth the time to let your designer know you and express that in the design in a way that adds that touch that could actually improve and increase your business in the online . It’s really hard to sell and convince customers that it’s the best approach for their website. Again, UX has always been, and should be, considered in this process.

Why consider it?

Because we get to wrapped up in being more professional than personal, even with our websites.

Which by the way represents us online, since you have yet to have had the privilege with leads to meet face to face you might want to consider how your first impression looks online. Why have a website that is cold, lifeless and boring, and deshelved unless, well you are?

Oh, and even you can go as far as playing with your error page, A.K.A. the 404 page:

What Is User Experience? Louisville Web Design

See Our 404 here:

[button url=”http://capstonelouisvillewebdesign.com/aca/” style=”semirounded”]Capstone Creations 404 page[/button]

So let’s drop the term UX and worrying about whether this is something that will be on your site. It’s already been a part of the process to design. No one wants to design an ugly website, unless the client makes us.

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